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Managing technology change in your business

This post is for anyone who is thinking of or is actually looking to introduce some new technology into your business.

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to speak for 40 minutes on Small Biz Matters with Alexi Boyd.

Check out the podcast here.

Alexi is a champion advocate for small business.

He passion and enthusiasm for her industry is infectious, as is her non-nonsense and down to earth mannerism.

Small Biz Matter Website

I had a great time chewing the fat and discussing the world that us small business owners are in.

Her podcasts cover a whole range of important and relevant topics, so get on a podcast when you can, as investing in personal development (and the development of your team or network) is crucial to growth and success.

What we discussed was the methodology I use for all my clients when I help them undertake some change in technology.

The 4 P's.

The 4 P's is a decision framework that will help you to make decisions whilst making sure you understand the impact that decision has on other parts of your business.

The 4 P's are:

  1. Product
  2. Platform
  3. People
  4. Processes

Each time you make a decision around your new technology, either one of these is impacted. And one decision often impacts the other.

Check out my previous article on the 4 P's here.

In summary:

  1. Product - know what your product is now and what you want it to be
  2. Platform - choose the right platform for your product goals
  3. People - after choosing the platform, you need to get the staff and what they do sorted
  4. Process - what the staff do (3 and 4 work together)

Enjoy the podcast!

Donnie Buchanan

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