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Xero Certified Advisor
GPFR in Xero Systems

We are a Xero accounting firm and we realised we needed GPFR for some of our clients, so we looked at the options.

We firmly believed that keeping our financial statement process in Xero was the best outcome, as buying more software and creating more processes wasn't appealing.

Donnie and the team did an amazing job of installing XYZ model financial account templates in our Xero HQ, along with charts of accounts, processes, training and checklists.

Now we have the world's best SPFR and GPFR system where we can prepare both for all our Xero clients, with just a few clicks.

Great service and great people!


Shannon Smit

Smart Business Solutions

smart buz
GPFR in Xero Systems

We were recently referred to Donnie at Entry Counts by our Xero representative, after discussing the current Xero financial template offering.

The reporting templates supplied by Donnie are a significant improvement on the Xero offering, and I can’t begin thank him enough for providing this service (and Xero for the referral). The Entry Counts various chart of accounts are comprehensive and seamlessly generate the well constructed and compliant general purpose financial statements.

In addition, the training resources that Donnie has made available enable staff members at all levels to easily update a client’s Xero chart of accounts to ensure future transactions are posted to the correct accounts, enabling financial statements to be seamlessly prepared.

Donnie and Entry Counts make me look good – while many clients don’t have an interest in their financial statements, other professionals and organisations who rely on these reports really appreciate the quality of the output generated by the Entry Counts templates.


Michelle Wilson

Tellery Group

SPFR in Xero Systems

Starting a new firm can be tough and time management is a struggle.

Administrative tasks can really get in the way.

Donnie at Entry Counts provided us with amazing Xero reporting templates which we otherwise would have had to build ourselves.

This has allowed us to really focus on growing the firm and dedicating time to our clients.

Working with Donnie was a breeze and well worth the investment!


Katie Bryan

Propellor Advisory

GPFR in Xero Systems

We decided that we were spending too much time exporting data from Xero and importing it into our IFRS software.

So we engaged Donnie at Entry Counts to set up IFRS systems in our Xero HQ.

Donnie was really helpful and created a system within Xero that helped us produce GPFR Tier 2 for our Xero clients.

Now we have reduced our workload drastically and no longer need to have our staff skilled up on separate systems.


Irina Donaldson

PKF Sydney

SPFR in Xero Systems

Considering a platform for financial reporting, I identified the need for a better model from Xero. My Xero account manager (Michael Hickson) referred me to Donnie from Entry Counts.

Donnie and his team designed and built a set of templates that now meet the reporting needs for our clients.

The templates, complimented by training from Entry Counts, now provide substantial efficiencies through streamlined reporting templates and workflows.

We can now confidently prepare and present reports accurately using the best of a Xero reporting platform available


Lachlan Bonser

LB Advisory Group

SPFR in Xero Systems

We are a family owned suburban practice.

Donnie has improved our efficiency 10-fold.

We no longer edit and format client reports on a client by client basis, we simply run the report and it just works!

Thanks Donnie.

I thought I understood Xero reports and report codes, but I hadn’t even scratched the surface.


Justine Vorich

Saab Teece

Justine+Vorich-640w (1)
SPFR in Xero Systems

We started our accounting firm up in 2017 and we knew we would need experts when we set up our practice on Xero.

So we engaged Donnie from Entry Counts to help us with our Xero financial statements.

Donnie came in and redesigned the Xero reports from the ground up, provided the chart of accounts to match the reports and trained our team.

Now our system is automated, efficient and designed for scale, so we can just get on with our jobs knowing that we have the best in class Xero report templates.


Sam Musgrave

Nine Advisory

sam mus
SPFR in Xero Systems

We are a small tax compliance practice with 10 years of experience.

In 2022 we engaged Donnie and his team to help us move from Reckon Elite to Xero for financial statements.

His guidance and experience was invaluable in what can only be described as a stressful and confusing time.

His ability to make the most difficult appear easy allayed our concerns and certainly mitigated several potential pitfalls and financial losses that may have occurred.

I would highly recommend him to any practice undertaking a software migration to Xero.


Bronte Evans

Bronte Evans CA

SPFR in Xero Systems

I have known Donnie for a couple of years now, and he is an absolute genius.

He's able to work through Xero reporting with me and is also about to put my ideas into action reporting from Xero.

I have some hundreds of man hours already.

Now I provide my clients the perfect reporting packages every month, all automated and compliant.

I can't recommend him more. Absolute legend.


Martin Moate

Empire Advisors