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Simplify Your IFRS/GPFR Compliance with Our Expert Solutions.


Feeling overwhelmed by IFRS or GPFR compliance? 

You're not alone. 

Thousands of organizations trust us to streamline their reporting process and save them valuable time.

We offer flexible solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. Our services can help you:

  • Automate reporting tasks for increased efficiency.
  • Reduce the risk of errors with our in-depth knowledge and support.
  • Gain valuable insights to make better business decisions.
  • Focus on your core business activities and leave compliance to us.
Explore our services below to find the perfect fit for your organization!

Option 1 - Streamline IFRS/GPFR Reporting in Xero HQ with Our Expert Setup

Do you prepare Special Purpose Financial Reports (SPFRs) in Xero for your clients?

We can help you seamlessly integrate IFRS/GPFR reporting into your existing workflow using Xero HQ and XYZ Model Financial Accounts.

Our system empowers you to: 

  1. Enhance efficiency: Automate tasks and reduce manual data entry.
  2. Ensure compliance: Confidently meet IFRS/GPFR reporting requirements.
  3. Boost profitability: Free up time to focus on higher-value services.

Ready to simplify your IFRS/GPFR reporting? Schedule a free consultation to learn more!

1 - Systems
XYZ Model Financial Accounts in Xero:
We install systems within your Xero HQ, empowering you to effortlessly generate SPFR and GPFR for all your clients.
2 - Templates
IFRS Chart of Accounts:
We provide various charts of accounts for each entity type, specially designed for compliance, efficiency and ensuring precision in financial reporting.
3 - Training
Expert Team Training:

We train your team online. We provide you with comprehensive checklists for disclosure and reporting, guaranteeing that you remain compliant and thorough in your financial reporting.

4 - Support
Knowledge base & support:
We provide 24/7 access to our knowledge base and support. Giving you the freedom and work in your own time.

option 2 - Get Your GPFR Prepared Quickly & Easily

Don't let GPFR preparation slow you down.

We specialize in preparing accurate and compliant GPFRs for businesses of all sizes, freeing you up to focus on what matters most. Ensure your GPFR meets all ASIC or other compliance requirements with our expert guidance. 

Trusted by hundreds of small businesses and organizations.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission


  1. Large Pty Limited
  2. Consolidated group reporting
  3. AFS license holders
  4. Foreign owned entity
Australian Taxation Office


  1. Corporate tax entity
  2. Foreign resident operating in Australia
Australian Charities & NFP Commission


  1. Medium registered charities
  2. Large registered charities
  3. Smaller registered charities (volunteer GPFR)
All Other
QBCC, Lenders, Insurance & More


  1. QBCC license category 2 and above
  2. Shareholder requests
  3. Lenders
  4. Investor requests
  5. Insurance policies


Simply email us: 

With the subject: ‘I need a GPFR prepared’.

We will email you back with costs and simple instructions.

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"2024 state of the industry, gpfr in xero"


We started our accounting firm up in 2017 and we knew we would need experts when we set up our practice on Xero.

So we engaged Donnie from Entry Counts to help us with our Xero financial statements.

Donnie came in and redesigned the Xero reports from the ground up, provided the chart of accounts to match the reports and trained our team. Now our system is automated, efficient and designed for scale, so we can just get on with our jobs knowing that we have the best in class Xero report templates.


Sam Musgrave

Nine Advisory

I have known Donnie for a couple of years now, and he is an absolute genius.

He's able to work through Xero reporting with me and is also about to put my ideas into action reporting from Xero.

I have some hundreds of man hours already.

Now I provide my clients the perfect reporting packages every month, all automated and compliant.

I can't recommend him more. Absolute legend.


Martin Moate

Empire Advisors

We are a small tax compliance practice with 10 years of experience.

In 2022 we engaged Donnie and his team to help us move from Reckon Elite to Xero for financial statements.

His guidance and experience was invaluable in what can only be described as a stressful and confusing time. His ability to make the most difficult appear easy allayed our concerns and certainly mitigated several potential pitfalls and financial losses that may have occurred.

I would highly recommend him to any practice undertaking a software migration to Xero.


Bronte Evans

Bronte Evans CA

Ready to take the next step?