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Consolidated Financial Reporting In Xero

It can be done.

Our clients have been doing it for 2023 group financial reporting.

We provide this helpful document here.

This document presents:

  1. What is consolidated group financial reporting
  2. Our research with auditors and ASX reports
  3. How Xero works
  4. The solution we have for our clients (External consolidation of accounts, with IFRS preparation in Xero)
  5. Case study - one of our clients, a group of 11 entities

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Donnie Buchanan

FYI - we asked Ai to write a blog on "Consolidated financial reporting in Xero" and the ENTIRE blog is 100% Xero does not have the function, you need our workaround.

Tread carefully with Ai generated content.








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