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Ditch the IFRS/GPFR Compliance Headache!

Automate Reporting & Save Time with Powerful Solutions.

No more late nights deciphering standards. We understand the struggle of IFRS/GPFR compliance – it's a common strain for accountants and organizations.

Our solutions streamline the process, giving you back valuable time and reducing the compliance burden. Join thousands who are now free to focus on what matters – growing your business.


Our customers come from everywhere and all seek the same results.

What We Do for You

Drowning in compliance burdens?

Have you found yourself requiring IFRS or GPFR solutions but don't know where to start? 

Join the thousands of organisations with compliance burdens and start saving time and removing headaches today.

We have two options for you, it just depends on what suits your needs and budget.

You can get us to prepare a general purpose financial report (GPFR) for you. This is ideal for smaller accounting firms or private organisations or private groups. 

You can have XYZ model financial accounts in your Xero HQ, and you can prepare GPFR yourself. This is for accounting firms only.

Achieve world class compliance using XYZ model financial accounts
Remove the need to keep updated on all IFRS developments
Prepare and complete your IFRS financial statement audit with confidence
Stay ahead of lodgement deadlines and excessive penalties and costs
Prepare IFRS using seamless systems and processes, avoiding duplication and inefficiency

Choose a service that meets your organisation's needs and budget, either through a system or outsource it to us

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Donnie Buchanan - CEO


In 2008, my father-in-law's accountant asked me to come and work for him in his boutique CPA practice in Sydney.  Over the years Joe taught me all about professional services and customer relationships. 

I joined Xero in 2013 and started helping accounting firms with practice solutions across Australia. In 2017, I created Entry Counts, where we continued to provide financial reporting solutions. 

What drives us is our dislike for waste, time waste, money waste or energy waste. So we focus on "CEP" for our clients: compliance; efficiency and profitability. This approach helps my clients focus back on the more positive aspects of life, such as family, friends, growth and health. 

My days are spent with my children, evolving, creating solutions and finding the joy in all life's adventures. 

"Think of yourself as dead, you have lived your life. Now take what's left and live it properly. What doesn't transmit light creates its own darkness" - Marcus Aurelius

What our customers say
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GPFR in Xero Systems

We were recently referred to Donnie at Entry Counts by our Xero representative, after discussing the current Xero financial template offering.

The reporting templates supplied by Donnie are a significant improvement on the Xero offering, and I can’t begin thank him enough for providing this service (and Xero for the referral). The Entry Counts various chart of accounts are comprehensive and seamlessly generate the well constructed and compliant general purpose financial statements.

In addition, the training resources that Donnie has made available enable staff members at all levels to easily update a client’s Xero chart of accounts to ensure future transactions are posted to the correct accounts, enabling financial statements to be seamlessly prepared.

Donnie and Entry Counts make me look good – while many clients don’t have an interest in their financial statements, other professionals and organisations who rely on these reports really appreciate the quality of the output generated by the Entry Counts templates.


Michelle Wilson

Tellery Group

SPFR in Xero Systems

We were referred to Donnie from the Clarity Street team which filled us with confidence from day dot and Donnie did not disappoint.

We were an early adopter of Xero reporting and just felt our report templates had legacy issues, weren't consistent and everyone had their own way of reporting.

That is where Donnie came in. He modified his standard templates to what we wanted as a firm standard and deployed them across our firm.

Donnie then provided training for the whole team and was available to rectify any issues or questions that came up after the fact.

Donnie was a pleasure to deal with and I received positive feedback from all my staff, it is a small investment for a great outcome in a growing team.


Christopher Dodson

D & A Professional Services

GPFR in Xero Systems

As a Xero accounting firm, we recognized the need for GPFR among some of our clients and embarked on finding the right solution.

We were firm in our belief that sticking with Xero for our financial statement process was the most favorable route, steering clear of additional software purchases and the complexities of new processes.

Donnie and the team went above and beyond, seamlessly integrating XYZ model financial account templates into our Xero HQ.

This encompassed everything from charts of accounts to streamlined processes, comprehensive training sessions, and meticulous checklists.

Now boasting a top-notch SPFR and GPFR system, we can effortlessly generate both for all our Xero clients with just a few clicks.

It's a testament to exceptional service and an outstanding team!


Mick Alcorn

Ignition Accountants

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GPFR in Xero Systems

We are a Xero accounting firm and we realised we needed GPFR for some of our clients, so we looked at the options.

We firmly believed that keeping our financial statement process in Xero was the best outcome, as buying more software and creating more processes wasn't appealing.

Donnie and the team did an amazing job of installing XYZ model financial account templates in our Xero HQ, along with charts of accounts, processes, training and checklists.

Now we have the world's best SPFR and GPFR system where we can prepare both for all our Xero clients, with just a few clicks.

Great service and great people!



Shannon Smit

Smart Business Solutions

smart buz
SPFR in Xero Systems

We are a small tax compliance practice with 10 years of experience.

In 2022 we engaged Donnie and his team to help us move from Reckon Elite to Xero for financial statements.

His guidance and experience was invaluable in what can only be described as a stressful and confusing time. His ability to make the most difficult appear easy allayed our concerns and certainly mitigated several potential pitfalls and financial losses that may have occurred.

I would highly recommend him to any practice undertaking a software migration to Xero.


Bronte Evans

Bronte Evans CA



SPFR in Xero Systems

I have known Donnie for a couple of years now, and he is an absolute genius.

He's able to work through Xero reporting with me and is also about to put my ideas into action reporting from Xero.

I have some hundreds of man hours already.

Now I provide my clients the perfect reporting packages every month, all automated and compliant.

I can't recommend him more. Absolute legend.




Martin Moate

Empire Advisors


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