2024 Insider Report: Empower Your Accounting Business with GPFR in Xero 

What we learned from working with 250 accounting firms on how they enhanced efficiency and saved money.

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our 3 pillars to success

1 - Compliance

We instal XYZ model financial accounts templates in your Xero HQ.

2 - Efficiency

We reduce your process times by 80%, through utilising the templates connected systems.

3 - Profitability

With compliance and efficiency as the drivers, the only natural outcome is improved profitability.


GPFR in Xero Systems

We are a Xero accounting firm and we realised we needed GPFR for some of our clients, so we looked at the options.

We firmly believed that keeping our financial statement process in Xero was the best outcome, as buying more software and creating more processes wasn't appealing.

Donnie and the team did an amazing job of installing XYZ model financial account templates in our Xero HQ, along with charts of accounts, processes, training and checklists.

Now we have the world's best SPFR and GPFR system where we can prepare both for all our Xero clients, with just a few clicks.

Great service and great people!


Shannon Smit

Smart Business Solutions

smart buz
SPFR in Xero Systems

I have known Donnie for a couple of years now, and he is an absolute genius.

He's able to work through Xero reporting with me and is also about to put my ideas into action reporting from Xero.

I have some hundreds of man hours already.

Now I provide my clients the perfect reporting packages every month, all automated and compliant.

I can't recommend him more.

Absolute legend.


Martin Moate

Empire Advisors

GPFR in Xero Systems

We decided that we were spending too much time exporting data from Xero and importing it into our IFRS software.

So we engaged Donnie at Entry Counts to set up IFRS systems in our Xero HQ.

Donnie was really helpful and created a system within Xero that helped us produce GPFR Tier 2 for our Xero clients.

Now we have reduced our workload drastically and no longer need to have our staff skilled up on separate systems.

Thanks Donnie! 



Irina Donaldson

PFK Disney


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